Hello, I am Alyx. I am a web developer living in Ontario.

I have been creating websites since 2005 when I started at the University of Waterloo (I studied Math with electives in Computer Science and Biology) and I started freelance web development in 2010.

I am most comfortable coding the back end of a site since my background is Software and not Design, but I am also well versed in Adobe and other design software so I can fine tune design creations.

I enjoy puzzles which is what first drew me to learning coding because I love piecing together seemingly random segments of text into something useful. I also love the outdoors, crafting and animals (I have had quite a few species in the past: from worms to hedgehogs).

Collaborative Team

A collaborative team is a group of freelancers that work on their own projects but also work together at times to give clients the feel of having an entire web design studio at their disposal without having to pay the higher prices.

If you are also a freelancer and would like to collaborate with me, don’t hesitate to contact me:  info@ecreatrix.com.